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30 Years Journey Conference of DVV International in Ethiopia during the closure ceremony.

Ethiopia - Country Office is now closed

DVV International started its operation in Ethiopia in 1995. The regional office was in Addis Ababa until 2021 and then relocated to Tanzania. DVV International supports its bilateral partner, the Ministry of Education (MoE), and its decentralised structures, the regional and woreda education bureaus in policy development, programme design and implementation of the national Integrated Functional Adult Education (IFAE) programme.

With the development of the Adult Education System Building Approach (ALESBA), the status of ALE system and ALE service delivery in Ethiopia was analysed by using a peer review approach. Key local stakeholders in ALE assessed implementation of IFAE programme from Woreda to regional level and up to national level. In this way, challenges and gaps in the ALE system and in the implementation of the national IFAE programme were identified at the macro, meso, and micro, and the findings have guided the support of DVV International. Further, the findings provided evidence based information for the development of current education sector development plan (ESDP IV).     

Main Focus of DVV International's Work in Ethiopia

Macro level

DVV International provided technical support in the development and implementation of the national Integrated Functional Adult Education (IFAE) programme that links literacy skills with other forms of skills training, e.g. agriculture, vocational and business skills, health education, etc. Today, the IFAE programme is implemented by the MoE country wide. In this frame, DVV International supports the MoE in developing necessary strategies, frameworks and guidelines as well as in the development of the 5-years’ Education Sector Development Plan (ESDP). 

Meso level

Over the years DVV International has made considerable effort to build the capacities of government officials in the implementation of IFAE programme. This includes Training of Trainer workshops, material development and curriculum designing. Also, Government officials from Regional and Woreda Education Buero were trained in the establishment and management of Communmity Learning Centres (CLCs) as one of the components of the IFAE programme. This is combined with regular monitoring and supportive supervision what contributes further to capacity development. On the level of coordination and management, the MoE has developed three models for better coordination of the IFAE programme, which will be implemented from 2023. This should result in good practice examples to be shared among the regions for upscaling.  

Micro level

DVV International is supporting community development and empowerment in the country. This is done through the establishment of CLCs - a key component of the IFAE programme. Centre Management Committees are formed and play a significant role in managing, monitoring and supporting the diverse services (literacy, skills development and vocational training) provided at the CLC. DVV International is providing training to the management committee and IFAE programme facilitators to ensure high quality of learning at the CLCs. 

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