PIMA Bulletin No. 50

In PIMA's 50th Bulletin, there is an acknowledgement that we are living in times of ‘the great unravelling,’ as termed by the Post Carbon Institute (2023). We are navigating a poly-crisis characterized by environmental and social breakdown, challenging us to grapple with prospects of far more difficult futures across complex systems. The Marrakech Framework for Action (MFA), resulting from the CONFINTEA VII conference in 2022, urges us to harness the transformational power of Adult Learning and Education (ALE). However, many conditions we confront are new, and we can’t necessarily rely on our past experiences. The Bulletin emphasizes that this demands cross-disciplinarity, humility to acknowledge our limitations, and inspiration to explore complexities through collaborative relationships, leading to co-constructing new ways of knowing and thinking.

Featured Article: East African Perspective

We are excited to highlight a significant contribution from our Regional Director in East Africa, Frauke Heinze, in this edition. Her article, "Chances and Challenges in the Post-CONFINTEA VII Time – The implementation of the Marrakesh Framework of Action from the East African perspective," delves into the practical steps and challenges faced in implementing the MFA within the East African/Horn of Africa region.

In this article in PIMA Bulletin No. 50 she provides valuable insights into the implementation of the MFA in East Africa, highlighting both the challenges and opportunities in professionalizing ALE and enhancing the role of CLCs. It underscores the importance of collaborative efforts, stakeholder engagement, and increased investment in ALE to foster lifelong learning and drive social change in the region.

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Conferences and workshops

East/ Horn of Africa Conference on Marrakesh Framework of Actions and Professionalisation of Adult Learning and Education

The regional conference PROFESSIONALISATION OF ADULT LEARNING AND EDUCATION: CHANCES AND CHALLENGES IN THE POST-CONFINTEA VII TIME was held at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on the 14th and 15th September 2022. More than 100 Guests from the 3 partner countries in the East/ Horn of Africa region (Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda), including representatives from government, academia and civil society organisations, the Director of DVV International Germany, the Head of Regional Cooperation, German Embassy Tanzania, the Education Programme Specialist at the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, Germany, and the Secretary General of the International Council of Adult Education, Serbia discussed the implementation and monitoring of Marrakesh Framework of Action (MFA) and the importance of professionalisation in Adult Learning and Education (ALE).

The MFA, recently adopted at the CONFINTEA VII in Morocco, highlighted the crucial role of professionalisation in ALE and underlines the need for comprehensive approach and partnership: All levels and pathways of professionalisation are important: pre-service, in-service and continuing training – in association with universities and research institutes, status and professional development trajectories, but also improvement of their working conditions, salaries etc. This contributes to ALE system development and strengthening ALE service provision at the local level - as a strategic dimension for planning, design and implementation for learning programmes, and for supporting training and learning initiatives at community learning centres (CLC). CLC should be well-resourced with qualified adult educators.

In this view the conference was following three objectives:

  • Analysing potentials of the MFA and formulating recommendations for the contributions by different stakeholders to the implementation and monitoring of the MFA from the East/Horn of African perspective.
  • Exploring state of the art of professionalisation of ALE with the focus on East/Horn of and sharing experiences and plans for the implementation of Curriculum globALE.
  • Analysing the role of Community Learning Centres (CLC) in adult education and literacy service delivery, and their contribution to the implementation of MFA.
  • Sharing of experiences of different service delivery models and launching of the regional CLC Guidelines for East /Horn of Africa

The conference was accompanied by the following activities:

  • A two days Curriculum globALE Module 0 training for decision makers of key stakeholders of the three DVV partner countries in the region
  • A one day field visit to a Folk Development College out of Dar es Salaam to learn more about the ALE services which are provided.
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