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MOJA is an online resource for adult learning and education professionals and practitioners in the public sector, private sector, civil society and academia in Africa. 

MOJA is not only for educators and learners. Managers, policy- and decision-makers and everybody who has an interest in lifelong learning can find useful, constructive and interesting content on the MOJA platform. It’s a place to share learning insights, resources and experiences; form connections; and access a wealth of content and use it to realise an informed, educated and thriving citizenry on the African continent. The platform embraces the inclusive continuum of education, recognising that when we teach, we explore, discover and learn ourselves. Lifelong learning is for all: educators and students alike.

Collaboration is the very oxygen of learning, teaching and engagement. So, MOJA offers interactive platforms (blogs, chat rooms and other engagement features) that make it easy to collaborate and participate.

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Call For Article

The MOJA Journal of Adult Education is calling for submissions for its third Issue. The call for articles for Issue 3 of the MOJA Journal of Adult Education on the topic of Adult Education and Livelihoods will be announced soon. Please read on to learn how to submit an article.

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