Agricultural learning session for Adult in community in Uganda

Official launch of the 30 Years Journey Publication during the closure conference ceremony in Ethiopia

Discussing with key actors in the sector areas for adult education system strengthening In Tanzania

Official launch of new country offices in Uganda, new office in Lubowa Estates, Kampala.

Launching of first Community Learning Center in Tanzania

DVV International in East Africa/ Horn of Africa Region

Recent exploration of the status of ALE in various countries in the region has indicated that well-established countries have put ALE policies, guidelines and structures in place, but few reach the target number of youth and adults as per their planned objectives, and poverty levels remain high. Most countries prefer an integrated approach that combines adult literacy with livelihood initiatives and non-formal skill training options and are eager for new approaches that can deliver results. Countries marked by years of war and conflict in the region require massive efforts at grassroots level alongside interventions at policy level.

DVV International started its activities in the East/Horn of Africa region, in Uganda and in Ethiopia, more than 25 years ago. Tanzania was added to the regional portfolio as a new partner country in 2020. With the start of the new project, the regional office of East/ Horn of Africa was relocated from Ethiopia to Tanzania, Dar es Salaam in June 2021. 

Substantial work has been done in the region jointly together with DVV International’s technical partners, namely the responsible Ministries for the ALE sub-sector, their counterparts at local government level, other governmental sector offices and stakeholders involved in ALE service delivery.


Adult and Non-Formal Education (ANFE) plays a crucial role in Tanzania's development. With an increasing illiteracy rate of 18.2% (NBS, 2022) and a significant number of students discontinuing…

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The Commissioner of the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development shared his assessment of the Status of Uganda’s Adult Education System.

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Adult education programs offered in the CLCs provide comprehensive training in skills development, livelihood and agriculture which are crucial for the community's sustainable development.

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During the peer learning visit, participants had the chance to explore, ask questions, and discuss Community Learning Centres (CLCs) with their peers. They also got to share what they had…

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